• Hygienic
  • Drip Free
  • Corrosion Free
  • Made from engineering polymers
  • Two way operating lever to achieve high & low outflow water pressure as required

Technical Specifications

1. Thread Size ½" BSP
2. Available Colours
White Almond Apricot Blue Green Burgundy
3. Pressure Rating 10 Bar
4. Flow Rate
Lever up Position: More than 8 LPM
Lever Down Position: More than 6 LPM
5. Lifetime 100,000 Cycles
6. Warranty One Year
7. Installation Guidelines
  • Fix the bracket at a suitable place with screw
  • place the 2 in 1 faucet in the bracket
  • Avoid Pipe wrench & Use adjustable spanner only
  • Use teflon tape to avoid leak at joints
8. Safety Information
  • Do not use acids for cleaning
  • Water pressure should not exceed the recommended level
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